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What Never to Say at the Scene of a Car Accident

When you’ve been involved in a car accident, human nature often takes over. However, if you’re not careful about what you say, it could come back later to haunt you. It’s important to keep a level head and approach the situation logically, even though your emotions may be running high. Here are some things you should avoid saying at the scene of an accident.

“I’m Sorry!”

It’s natural to apologize for what happened, whether you believe the collision was your fault or not. However, by saying “I’m sorry,” it could be interpreted by the other driver and your insurance company that you are admitting fault. Instead, ask, “Are you okay?” or “Can I call for help?”

“I Was Just . . . “

You never want to speculate about what might have caused the crash — that’s the job of law enforcement, accident re-constructionists, and insurance companies. You may feel compelled to offer up excuses as to what happened, such as you were “just on the phone” or “just turning down the radio” when all of a sudden, the crash occurred. However, this paints a picture of distracted driving. Your safest bet when asked or commenting on what caused the crash is to say “I don’t know,” because truly, you don’t until a full investigation has been completed.

“My Car’s X Wasn’t Working”

It’s normal for people to experience car trouble, but you don’t want to mention it at the scene of an accident. For example, you never want to say anything like “my brakes have been kind of touchy lately and it’s been difficult to stop.” Whether true or not, this suggests that you may be at fault for the accident and may have been negligent in properly maintaining your vehicle.

“I’m Fine”

Many people will ask you how you’re feeling after the accident, and the most common knee-jerk reaction is to say “I’m fine,” even if you’re a little bruised or shook up. Don’t tell paramedics, police officers, or the other driver that you’re fine. Often, the shock of a car accident can prevent people from feeling pain right away. Instead say, “I need a thorough medical examination.”

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Top Brain Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most common injuries to occur in a car accident is a head injury. The head is highly vulnerable during a motor vehicle crash, and these injuries tend to be serious and/or life-changing. In fact, over half of recorded brain injuries occur due to car accidents. Here’s what you need to know about the top brain injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.


A concussion is a milder form of brain injury that often occurs in a crash. The head doesn’t have to hit any other object for a concussion to occur, although if it does, a concussion is more likely. This type of injury occurs when the body stops suddenly and the brain continues to move inside the head. The brain bounces against the inside of the skull, effectively bruising it and causing symptoms like headaches, fatigue, slurred speech and more. Concussions typically resolve on their own, but head injuries should always be checked out to make sure they are not more serious.

Brain Bleeds

If the brain has been severely injured, it may begin to bleed. Like concussions, brain bleeds are usually closed head injuries and may not be noticeable right away. If a brain bleed is left untreated, permanent brain damage can occur. Typically, surgery is required to stop the bleed and prevent it from doing critical damage. In some cases, even a promptly treated bleed can cause changes in behavior, speech, and the ability to complete daily tasks.

Open Head and Brain Injuries

In very severe car accidents, the head can be penetrated with an object, usually debris from the accident, which can then injure the brain. This type of injury is easily noticeable, because you can usually see the object that is penetrating the skull. While this may look alarming, most often, the object is keeping the brain from bleeding. Never remove debris that has penetrated a car accident victim’s head. Instead, get emergency help right away. The object will need to be removed by an experienced neurosurgery team.

Were You or a Loved One Injured in a Car Accident?

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