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What Is In a Car Accident Report?

At the scene of a car accident, law enforcement creates a formal report of the accident. This report includes specific information about the accident and can be very valuable to the victim by providing evidence to support a claim for compensation. Here are a few things included in a car accident report and how to use this document to your advantage if you pursue financial restitution from the negligent party.

Driver Information

The police officer at the scene will obtain the personal information of you, the other driver, and any witnesses who may provide a statement about what they saw before, during, and after the collision. This will include drivers’ license numbers, plate numbers, insurance information, and vehicle information.


All injuries are recorded. The report will include who was injured, how they were injured, and the severity of their injuries. A law enforcement officer may include whether or not safety devices, such as a seat belt, were used or if the air bags deployed.

Vehicle & Property Damage

The damage each vehicle sustained will be included in the report, as well any additional property damaged. For example, if a vehicle rear-ended another vehicle and propelled it into a mailbox, the damage to the mailbox is recorded.

Other Accident Specifics

The specifics of the accident, including the date and time, is recorded in the formal accident report. Also included are weather conditions, road conditions, events leading up to the collision, the presence of alcohol, and any other pertinent information.

How to Use the Accident Report to Your Advantage

When law enforcement officials finalize the report (which could take several weeks), you should be provided with a copy. Then, you can submit the copy to your accident attorney. Also, facts from the report can be used as evidence to support your claim. For example, if the accident report suggests the other driver was intoxicated, you can use this information to prove negligence.

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