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About Donald J. Matson


Donald J. Matson, simply “Don” to his clients, has been licensed in the State of California and a member of the California State Bar for over 10 years.

Law Offices of Donald J. Matson, PC was started in 2005 to fill a serious void in the legal services field.

Mr. Matson provides the personal touch that is missing in the lawyer-client relationship.

Clients are not simply customers to Mr. Matson, they are friends.

Mr. Matson takes each case and treats it as if it was his only case, guiding clients through the legal system from the initial court appearance through the completion of probation.

As a client:

  • you will not be abandoned when the court action ends
  • you will be able to have all your questions answered throughout the entire process, including beyond the completion of probation and possible expunging or dismissal of the charges against you.

Mr. Matson is not like other attorneys, he’s like having a lawyer in the family that you can confide in and trust.

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